We helped Duuo rebrand and built a new WordPress website to increase control over content, improve SEO rankings and boost conversions.

About the Duuo:

Duuo was created by The Co-operators, a proudly Canadian insurance company founded in 1945 by a small group of farmers and social pioneers who felt traditional insurance didn’t meet their unique needs. That’s why they invented a different kind of company designed especially for them. Personalized on-demand insurance.

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How We’ve Helped

  • Initially we cloned Duuo’s previous website from an Angular app into WordPress
  • Then took Duuo’s new branding guidelines and designed + coded a brand new custom WordPress theme
  • Provided custom UTM and Ads tracking from Facebook >> Duuo’s Website >> External App
  • Multi-language support for French and English using WPML

Duuo's new custom WordPress website allows its marketing team to really drive ROI/conversions. Our team took their old branding and transformed it into something relatable, fun and professional allowing them to establish trust with prospective customers.

Duuo’s Old Branding:

Although nice, Duuo’s previous branding didn’t portray truly how innovative and current Duuo is as a brand/service.

Our lead design Yeen brought a lot more personality, imagery, and fun to the brand and website. Both the internal and external response has been amazing and more importantly profitable.

As a small marketing team Duuo needed an admin that allowed them to move quickly and easily. They're adding new products, new services and needed the flexibility to change things on the fly no matter their technical expertise.

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