We've worked with the UpTrending team for over 2 years as custom WordPress freelance support. They're amazing partners and we highly recommend them for big projects :)

About the UpTrending:

UpTrending navigates the complexities of your business to develop high-performing solutions that maximize conversions and accelerate your revenue growth — to the tune of $4 billion in client funding.

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How We’ve Helped

  • Provided anywhere from 10-30hrs per week of custom WordPress development
  • Communicated with team members and clients via Slack/PM Tools/Email
  • Operated at an hourly rate and also project based when appropriate

We've worked on numerous projects with UpTrending over the years!

Long-Term Partnership

We love partnerships that stand the test of time. We pride ourselves on feeling like part of your team. You can count on us to deliver quality work for your clients. Beyond that, we also have partnerships that last because we are excellent communicators with both you and your clients.

For the last two years, we have leveraged Freedom's expertise in a number of different areas. Freedom is qualified, engaging, thoughtful, and are excellent communicators with both internal teams and clients. Freedom delivers high-quality work on-time and on-budget.
Emily NyazVice President of Operation, UpTrending

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